Detention Abroad

Even in the Western world, wrongful arrest and detention is a horrifying injustice that happens all too often. However, when it happens abroad, the injustice can be compounded by mistreatment, abuse and an incomprehensible legal system. Often in places with little respect for human rights.

Arbitrary arrest and detention; administrative detention; extrajudicial imprisonment; politically-motivated imprisonment; and “blame the nearest foreigner” are injustices that can impact international visitors. Many are left to languish in prisons without access to support of any kind, for fictitious crimes or offences committed by others.

Human trafficking, bonded labor and forced labor are also sad facts of life in many parts of the world. So too is mistreatment of expatriate domestic workers whose conditions of employment meet the definition of slavery. Their mistreatment can include the withholding of passports, non-payment for work performed, physical and sexual abuse and even forcible confinement. Filipipina domestic worker

Exploitation by local lawyers is also a frequent occurrence for those wrongly detained abroad. Billing for never-ending ineffective legal “work” is common. So too is “double billing”, where relatives abroad are charged for services already paid for by the detained expatriate. 

Adam Pappin will spare no effort to help those wrongfully detained abroad. However, Pappin Law does not provide criminal defense or appeal criminal sentences for those validly convicted of a crime.

If your loved-one is wrongfully detained abroad, contact Pappin Law to discuss how we can assist with bringing your loved-one home.