Human Rights Lawyer Adam Pappin understands the enormous value of freedom and of family ties. He also understands that those with a loved-one stranded abroad may have few resources. His repatriation services focus on bringing your loved-one home quickly and efficiently. This ensures that costs and fees are kept to an absolute minimum.

Adam has been a global rover for over 40 years and an international lawyer for over 23 years. He knows the planet and he knows the law. He holds nine legal qualifications and is admitted as a lawyer in four countries. Adam also understands cultural differences, the reality of geopolitics and the limitations of diplomatic services.

For those wrongly imprisoned abroad, a day seems like an eternity. For children abducted abroad, indoctrination by the abductor can turn a child against the parent left behind. This can do great harm to their psychological health. Time is, therefore, of the essence in recovering them.

Pappin Law is unique among global law firms in that Adam Pappin travels the world to rescue his clients. Although Adam is a highly qualified and experienced International Lawyer, he understands that legal solutions alone are seldom enough. He uses his knowledge and training as a political scientist, international mediator, former police officer and negotiator to return his clients from abroad.